Solar Panel Savings And Solar Market Trends

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Solar Panel Savings And Solar Market Trends

Do you wanna know what the next hip thang is?  It's the closest star cutie pie.  The sun is back baby.  Let me tell you sugar; I have been prepping my picnic basket since I shimmied out of my bed in the early morn.  I was wearing my brand spanking new salmon and salamander print jumper, and I headed to the window.  Can you guess what wonder fell upon my baby greens?  It was a baby blue skyway, kissed by angelic sun rays, and I headed on down to my refrigerator.  After a quick yummy munchy pack in the old, grand, and gold sparkled basket, I was in the old Chrysler, yes the one that seats about 20, and floored it down to Venus Beach baby.  I love the sun!  After all, it has been powering my house with this super sweet solar panel system since 2017.  It's a hot trend, and I know trends.  Maybe it's your time to consider soaking up some rays and putting them back into the grid after all solar panel prices are very low.  If so, here's some very hot information about solar panel pricing

Follow Solar Trends For Savings

Over the last few years, the price of installing solar panel systems has decreased significantly, in large part thanks to a necessary reduction in solar panel costs. International Renewable Energy Agency, also known as IRENA, exhibited the overall values for domestic solar panel systems all across the globe(including both installation and operation) had fallen by over 50.  There is no better time to jump on board the solar panel low-pricing wave baby.  

Further news from all over the world, including the Deutsche Bank, confirms that costs keep falling. This report shows that the cost of production by leading Chinese panel manufactures had reduced output from $1.30 per Watt to $0.50 per Watt within the years of 2011 of 2014, indicating a 60% fall in just three years. This decline pointed toward a decrease in processing and polysilicon costs, as well as an addition in transformation efficiencies.  The commonly found affordability of solar panels has seen the United States producing some of the highest rate of household solar panel installations across the globe. Costs are presumed to continue to decrease over time.   

Chinese Solar Changes Make For Surplus

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Head of Americas, Ethan Zindler, estimates prices as low as $0.30 per Watt, due to a Chinese caused surplus in the global solar panel construction market. Zindler adds, “We are on the verge of a new era of substantial overcapacity, a situation fuelled by a slowdown in China’s domestic solar market while many manufacturers continue to churn out panels.”

Prices of solar panels have dropped to three-quarters of their 2008 prices. As a result, China's major solar panel makers are suffering losses of up to $1 for every $3 of sales this year, says a statement in The New York Times.

Last week, China's Suntech got a delisting warning from the New York Stock Exchange, China Daily reports, while other Chinese companies such as LDK Solar seem to slide toward bankruptcy.

"For the head companies in the sector, if they're not careful, the whole sector will disappear," Chen Huiqing, the deputy director for solar products at the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products was cited as saying by the Times.

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