Solar energy is the earth's last hope

Millie HennickOctober 2, 2018 907 0

Solar energy is the earth's last hope

The dangers of climate change have come home to roost. The latest climate science projections are much more pessimistic than the original reports. The continued combustion of fossil fuels exacerbates the situation. There is only one way out of this problem at the present time and solar energy is at the heart of the solution. How does a solar panel create energy? A solar panel is simply a collection of solar cells. They work together to form electricity for various purposes.

A brief explanation of solar energy

A single cell does not have the capacity for generating much electricity so multiple cells are combined together to increase the capacity. The more light that is available to the solar panels,  the greater the amount of electricity they can supply. Solar panels are designed to transform light into electricity. The process of extracting electricity from light is called Photovoltaic (PV) and the PV process converts solar power into electricity. A PV cell, also known as a self-generating barrier layer cell is a PV detector that converts radiant flux directly into electrical current.

A solar panel consists of a thin silver film on a semiconductor layer deposited on an iron substrate. The history of solar energy dates back more than a hundred years, to the middle of the industrial revolution. There were many groundbreaking solar power plants constructed to produce steam from the heat of the sun, which was used to drive various machines.

Photovoltaic power remained rare for many years since it was very inefficient at converting sunlight into electricity. There are no harmful emissions from solar power and its operations are noise free, which makes it superior to conventional forms of electricity generation.

The use of solar power for remote homes is gaining steam (pun intended) and becoming more practical in every way. In the past, people who wanted to live in remote areas had to pay a high price for power if they could get electricity at all.  It was often extremely difficult to deliver power to these remote locations. But houses with solar panels are virtually self-sufficient and as a bonus, they have no worries about power outages or blackouts.

Solar panels can provide power in many circumstances. Even a phone box in the middle of nowhere can be powered by solar power from solar panels eliminating the need for underground cables or an electrical infrastructure.

Solar PV systems can now be used to power a wide variety of our everyday requirements from watches to hot water. The development of a commercial vehicle that can derive its power from the sun will solve a lot of problems such as pollution emissions from the burning of fossil fuel. The more solar power we use the greater the relief on current power systems that are polluting our world. Solar power also contributes to the decommissioning of nuclear power plants that have caused much environmental damage in many countries.

There has never been a better time to install a solar energy system!

Today with the price of solar panels falling to all-time lows, investing in a solar energy system is considered one of the wisest investments a home or business owner can make. In addition to the financial benefits that are immediately established, you can rest easy knowing you are generating your own power. While many people wonder how they can lower their carbon footprint, solar customers have the great feeling that they are contributing to cleaner air.

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