Solar Panel Efficiency

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Solar Panel Efficiency

When we compare solar panels on distant satellites or robots, we can see that the sun is everywhere. The correlation between solar panels on Mars and solar panels here on earth is quite alike. If your rooftop solar panels are capable, well maintained, and durable they will transform more energy from the sun, you’ll pull less energy from your utility, and your bill will be lower. Here at HahaSmart that lasts for two decades, at the least.

Solar Efficiency on Your Rooftop

Let's talk about measurements. The construct is called “efficiency metrics.” Efficiency metrics cover how well your solar panels produce energy. Customers want this information; they want to know how much energy from sunlight is transformed into power to make informed decisions about running a solar home. A key value point for solar consumers is maximizing energy use, through solar efficiency, to save on utility bills.

The common commercial solar panels on the market now run at about 15-22% efficiency.  Seem low? It is not. It’s a measure that takes into account current technology that helps us power our homes from the sun’s beams.

If the sun generates 100% energy, solar systems are able to process 15-22% of the sun’s power into usable energy.  We also use the term solar cell efficiency, which refers to the manner of sunlight that can be converted - via photovoltaics, into electricity. A photovoltaic system uses solar panels to capture the sun’s photons.

Fifteen to 22% of usable energy is enough to control up to your home for a significant amount of time after the sun goes down, or during a blackout or power interruption when paired with a solar battery. A HahaSmart solar energy system with battery storage will keep your house running even longer. And when the sun comes back up the following day? Your solar system gets recharged all over repeatedly.

The efficiency of Solar Panels While Clouds

Several of our customers ask us how efficient solar panels can be on a cloudy day. What if the sun isn’t blazing at 100%? The explanation is that solar panels continue to produce even when the weather isn’t clear. If there is a shadow, there is solar power. And solar panels continue to grab the sun’s rays.

The sun is so important that your panels absorbed energy from diffuse and reflected light which occurs on cloudy days. But yes, solar panels do drop generation by about 10-20% of the solar panel efficiency rating.10  The critical thing to remember is that cloudy locations are still a good match for a solar energy system.

Solar Panel Efficiency During the Winter

Solar panels also do pretty well in the winter. But not when they are coated in snow. However, the heat that is given off by the solar panels usually melts the snow, and also gives your panels a yearly clean up from debris and dust accumulated during the summer.

Solar panels their performance and efficiency in winter (most machines with moving parts prefer colder weather), and they’ll even capture sunlight that reflects off the snow, which can be fairly intense.

Most rooftop solar panels face the sun and are on a grade, so they shed snow very well. Yes, they will drop production if covered in snow but the effect on your yearly production rate is minimal.

What Befalls Solar Panels in the Rain?

Solar panels don’t stop providing energy in the rain. And as we mentioned above, rain cleans debris from your panels, allowing them to run more efficiently. Again, panels work best in sunlight, but this doesn’t mean they stop working in the rain. The sun’s rays still get through the rain and clouds.12

Our solar technicians work with you to build a solar system that is produced based on where you live, the weather contingencies and your household’s energy requirements.

Regardless of your environment, we here at HahaSmart can help you design and prepare the perfect solar panel system.

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