Benefits of Living Off the Grid When Choosing Solar

Ashleigh AngellSeptember 26, 20188040

Benefits of Living Off the Grid When Choosing Solar

One of the first choices you’ll have to make when going solar is deciding whether you want to be on or off the grid. The difference is simple: you’re either attached to the grid that a solar company is or you’re completely independent and responsible for your own power. Many people may wonder what could be great about living off-grid. After all, they’ve had an electric company providing them energy their entire lives and can’t imagine having to do it all themselves. But when it comes to solar energy, going off-grid has a lot of benefits.

Being Off-Grid Means Never Seeing an Electric Bill Again

While the initial installation cost will be a hefty sum, after that, you’ll never have to worry about paying for it again. One of the things that worries people about being off the grid is that they’re worried they won’t have enough energy to power their homes one night and that without a power company there to jump in and help them, they’ll be left alone in the dark. However, as long as you make sure to do plenty of research before-hand and making sure you have enough equipment to power your home, that should never be a problem. In fact, a lot of on-grid users end up selling their excess energy back to their power company because they simply produce way more than necessary. As long as you keep your batteries charged up and ready to go, the fear that you’ll be left in the dark shouldn’t even cross your mind, and you’ll never have to worry about overusing your energy and being charged. You also won’t have to worry about power outages, because your power will stay on no matter what.

You’ll Waste Less

Being off-grid means having to be conscious of how much energy you’re using at all times. This means that when dealing with something like several stormy days, you’ll have to wait to boot up that washing machine. You’ll waste much less energy because you’ll be more conscious of how much you’re using, and you’ll learn to be a more self-sustaining individual as a result.

You’ll Start Focusing on Your Happiness

While it may be cliche, living off the grid means you’re less stressed about the world of utilities and therefore more focused on the things that actually make you happy. Without the constant nag of a utility company keeping you down and sending you bills and statements, you’ll be able to focus completely on yourself and your needs. You’ll have total independence and be able to just focus on your own wants and needs. With a stronger connection to the environment and the world around you, you’ll finally feel the freedom that so many off-grid users crave when choosing to go independent. With the utility companies never having to stress you out with bills and your focus being solely on what appliances you’re using, how much power you’re generating, and how much power you need to be storing, everything will, for the first time, be about you, not them.

Going off the grid isn’t for everyone, and it definitely has its challenges. But if independence and a self-sustaining lifestyle is what you’re looking for, this is for you.

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