You Too Can Find Rebates For Lowering Your Solar Costs

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You Too Can Find Rebates For Lowering Your Solar Costs

We love a good love story.  Did you end up with the one, or did the one get away?  Sometimes we fall in love with an idea.  We have to love and dream into existence.  In the case of you falling in love with the idea of solar panels, this love affair can end up really coming true.  There's a lot of great and exciting news about love affairs being created all over the world. I mean, look at J-Lo and Ben, that turned out perfectly. There has also been some pretty cool news in the solar panel industry, and it's pretty amazing.  The solar industry has met the 2020 utility-scale solar price target set by the Energy Department's SunShot Initiative, three years early.  The most impressive news centers around the affordability of solar panels today. However, there are also many rebates out there to create great accessibility for all types of income backgrounds trying to go solar.

The Good Stuff From DOE NREL

Let's explore some interesting details from the DOE and NREL. The DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) published new research today that reveals the average price of utility-scale solar is now under $1 per watt and beneath 6 cents per kilowatt-hour.

That’s higher than the record-breaking project bids we’ve observed in the U.S. and abroad in recent years. The DOE figures for equalized the cost of electricity (LCOE) do not include subsidies -- such as the federal Investment Tax Credit and theses numbers are founded on the common environment in Kansas City, Missouri. (Note: GTM documented the sub-$1 per watt milestone earlier this year, but the administration is using its metrics.)

“Our mission is to make solar affordable for all Americans, and so our goals are defined for average U.S. climates. Let's focus on Kansas City for the great example,” said Becca Jones-Albertus, acting deputy director of the SunShot Initiative. “Hitting a 6 cents per kilowatt-hour target for Kansas is a more significant metric than hitting 6 cents in sunnier parts of the country.”

Solar Panels

Technology advancements have been a primary driver of the price declines since 2011. Solar module prices have seen a particularly dramatic cost reducing in recent years. That's due in part to efficiency improvements as a result of material nature and innovative cell and module designs, as well as the development of diamond wafer sawing, which dramatically decreases material loss in the making of silicon wafers. The NREL report found that module prices also declined considerably over the past year due to an oversupply. 

So, the Suniva/SolarWorld trade experience could have a meaningful impact on the economics of solar in the U.S. and could set the SunShot goals beyond reach again. According to DOE researchers, the tariff requested on introduced solar modules would have a 2-2.5 cent impact on the LCOE for solar. If solar panel systems costs increase from approximately 35 cents today to 78 cents under a new tariff scenario, the cost of a utility-scale solar system will increase from approximately $1 per watt to $1.38 per watt. 

Now that you are an incentive and rebate specialist, you know where and when you can find those great deals on solar.  Here at HahaSmart, we can help you with your purchase. We can find you the best price on an installation in your area while bringing the actual costs down to a bare minimum. The best prices can always be found. It’s never a bad time to think about going solar.  

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