Three Considerations For Different Levels Of Solar Panels

Ean GoodguySeptember 25, 20183950

Three Considerations For Different Levels Of Solar Panels

There are many types and brands of solar panels available on the consumer market these days. Like all things, it can be very difficult to sift through the madness and decide which might be best for your needs. When figuring out what solar panels to buy, it’s important to access the best solar panel for your installation situation, it is essential to consider both how it is manufactured and what materials to use.

Top-Tier Solar

Tier one includes the top 2 percent of solar PV (photovoltaic) panel producers.  We consider Tier one manufacturers are those that are vertically combined. This means they control each stage of, the manufacturing method. These companies invest heavily in research and development, use superior robotic processes and have been manufacturing solar panels for more than five years.

Tier one producers use the purest/best grade of silicon to create solar cells. The higher the silicon grade, the longer the solar cell will last and the better it will perform in transforming the sun’s energy to electricity.

Tier one manufacturers create some of the best performing solar panels, and these can often be obtained at a very reasonable price.  Modules generated by Tier 1 producers include REC Solar, Flex, SunPower, and JA Solar.

However, “Tier 1” is a requirement that some manufacturers make that don’t fit our description, so it’s important to understand not all claiming to be Tier 1 are equal. Quality can vary significantly between Tier 1 manufacturers, so this should only be an aspect of due diligence when seeking for the best solar panels for your requirements. Requirements are needed.

The major issue here is that most people cannot afford this level of product.  But, on the up-side, it’s wonderful this type of produce exists. Like any sought after technology, it simply gets better and better over time, and with each innovation, the next teir of innovation becomes more affordable to the consumers. This simply put, means that over time, even this top 2 percent of solar panels will be the normal type of solar panel purchased in the next 10 years.  Can you imagine what will happen next?  Scale is the next thing we need to focus on, let’s get the best solar panels going up across the entire world, and reverse climate change!

Next-Level Solar

Tier two includes businesses who invest less in research and development, are reliant on both robotic and manual assembly on production lines and have often been in solar panel manufacturer for 2 – 5 years. Tier two manufacturers can produce right panels at reasonable prices, but it can be a hit and miss affair.

Low-Level Solar

Tier three incorporates 90% of new solar PV manufacturers. These companies construct panels only, they usually don’t manufacture their cells and don’t invest in research and development.

While often ready at a lower price, tier three manufacturers use human production lines for manual soldering of solar cells, which usually isn’t the best approach as quality can vary operator to operator and day to day. A Tier Three solar panel may, in the long run, fetched you much more regarding reliability and electricity output.

There are indeed many types of solar panels available.  You have to make a great choice for your situation.  There great deals to be made. We can see that solar panel prices have fallen dramatically over the past decade, and we at HahaSmart can help you to utilize those savings today.  

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