Top 5 Solar Questions: Answered

Ashleigh AngellSeptember 21, 20184950

Top 5 Solar Questions: Answered

To those who are new to the world of solar energy, a lot of it can seem overwhelming. With so much new information to take in at once, and new information coming out all the time, the consumer is often left feeling like they need more questions answered before taking the leap to solar. Outlined here is a handy guide for all the most basic questions for the beginner in solar energy, so that you will be able to learn the answers to the top five main questions you may have while starting out, and then be able to branch out into asking more specific and direct questions.

1.) Is Solar Energy as Clean as It Seems?

Lots of people are telling you to go solar because it’s clean energy. Is it really? And what exactly does “clean energy” even mean? Well, to start, yes, solar energy is the cleanest choice when it comes to providing electricity and heat to your home. The main reason for this is solar energy does not emit greenhouse gases, which are the most dangerous thing affecting our planet right now and are the direct cause of climate change. Secondly, no additional pollution will be added to our already sadly polluted environment. While fossil fuels are busy destroying our resources and leading to early deaths, solar energy won’t have any of these consequences. Clean energy means just that: all the muck causing damage to our planet doesn’t exist when using clean energy.

2.) Will Resources for Solar Energy Run Out?

Because many people are used to hearing about the oil industry and how limited the resources are, they may be worried that the same thing goes for solar energy. However, you can rest easy knowing that it’s actually renewable, as it comes directly from the sun. As long as the sun is shining, we will have plenty of energy.

3.) Isn’t It Expensive?

Because solar energy is such a new concept, you may be concerned that it will be costly. However, while the initial installation may be slightly expensive, the overall savings will be enormous. By going solar, you will be paying a flat rate for your energy and will no longer have to worry about the changing electric prices. In the long run, you’ll end up saving thousands of dollars. On top of that, there are many government incentive and rebate programs you can take advantage of to get even more returns on your investment.

4.) Are solar panels high maintenance?

While you might be concerned that this new technology will be more maintenance to you, the only real maintenance required will be a bi-annual or annual cleaning of your panels, which is fairly simple. As for replacing them, you will most likely have up to 30 years with your panels, and therefore shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with the end of their life cycle for a long time after purchasing them.

5.) Are rooftop panels my only option?

While it’s true that rooftop panels are the main way people are going solar, there’s actually multiple options available to you. Thermal solar, for instance, is used for heating up just your water. These are powered by mirrors and receivers instead of panels. There are a variety of mirror types, as well, including a dish design. There’s also passive solar, which doesn’t require solar installations at all, and solely uses the sun’s light to create a greenhouse effect in your home.

Ready to take the next step and learn even more specific, detailed information about solar? Head on over to the HahaSmart blog to find the answers to any questions you may have. We’ll help you get fully prepared for bringing solar into your life!

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