The magic of solar energy

Millie HennickSeptember 21, 201810200

The magic of solar energy

In our increasingly polluted world, the need is evident for alternative energy sources that are friendly to the earth. So far, wind power is not a large-scale option, but solar is busy providing power for millions of homes and businesses. Generating your own power has never been more achievable for the average consumer.  Solar energy has become the obvious choice for the discerning home or business owner. Below you will find many of the advantages associated with the use of solar power.

Solar power saves money month after month

Following the initial cost of solar panels, generating electricity from solar devices is completely free of charge. This means that for the operational lifetime of a solar panel, it will effectively eliminate your electricity bills while also providing a payback on your initial investment. Although there is often a somewhat long payback period, a conventional solar panel installation will still provide a return on investment (ROI) in a matter of years. After the payback period, all the energy you generate is free and clear.

No pollution with solar

Solar panels do not create any pollution whatsoever. The only pollution that is generated occurs during the transportation and manufacturing of solar cells and also during the mining of the materials required to produce them.

Solar energy gives power in hard to reach areas

Solar power is ideal for providing a source of power in places where it may be either impossible or uneconomical to install a traditional electricity infrastructure. This includes remote locations, garden sheds and also various devices such as garden lighting. A top example of this can be seen in space where advanced solar panels are used to provide a source of energy for various kinds of satellites and also the international space station.

Solar is a renewable power source that keeps on giving

Solar power is completely renewable. Although the sun doesn’t shine at night, it’s guaranteed to come up the next day. This process will happen every day for as long as life can be supported on earth. The planet will benefit from the use of solar energy for the rest of our lifetimes, unlike fossil fuels which are a non-renewable energy source and will be gone in about fifty years.

Silent operation is free of noise

Solar panels have the advantage that they allow no noise when producing electricity. This can make solar panels more attractive to homeowners who may have been considering a domestic wind turbine system which produces some noise pollution. Solar panels are the preferred option almost always, but whether you choose solar panels or a wind turbine will depend on where you live and many other factors.

Solar panels need virtually no maintenance

Another feature of solar panels is that makes them extremely popular is that they require very little maintenance. There are no moving parts in a solar power system, there is not much to go wrong with a system that has been installed professionally using the best quality components. The only maintenance connected with solar panels is the cleaning of the panels themselves which is performed by the property owner.

.Solar reduces dependency on fossil fuels

Another benefit of solar power is that it lowers our dependence on fossil fuels. This is an underrated factor because the volatility of oil prices costs businesses and individuals huge amounts of money.

Solar power is here to stay, and the sooner you explore how much you can save, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of residential solar power. Please visit our solar blog to find out more about the benefits of going solar.

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