How You Can Use Your Clothes to Solar Power Your Life

Ashleigh AngellSeptember 18, 20183870

How You Can Use Your Clothes to Solar Power Your Life

Many people now have wearable solar. Phones can be charged using solar powered chargers. Solar powered watches have been around for a while. You can even carry around your gear in a solar powered backpack. But what about on your actual clothes? Now you can even wear your solar right on your jacket!

How Does Solar Power Work on a Jacket?

Solar panels have now been placed right into jackets. When you’re outside in the sun all day, you’re able to generate plenty of power, so it seems logical that the next step would be fusing clothing with solar energy. Not only is the idea of it cool in theory, it’s even better in practice. Most of us have experienced that dreaded feeling when we’re out on the town with our phone and realize it’s at 2% battery life. What happens if you forgot your charger at home? Or maybe you do have your charger but it’s not a solar powered one. You’re now stranded with no way to get into contact with anyone. Now imagine you have a jacket that’s been charging up all day. Just stick your phone in your pocket and you never have to worry about your phone running out of charge and leaving you stranded again.

Evolution of the Solar Powered Jacket

Believe it or not, using solar power isn’t even the final stage of these neat, technologically advanced clothes. While scientists are still figuring out how to make it work, they’re also developing clothing that converts movement into energy. Therefore, with every step you take, you’d naturally create energy without the help of the sun. This could mean an even brighter future for green energy. While solar batteries are a great way we are currently able to store excess energy, imagine what you could do if all you had to do was move to generate power. The fear of not being able to charge your phone to call your loved ones in a natural disaster wouldn’t even be a thought in your mind.

How Are We Currently Using Solar Energy for Charging and How is This Better?

Right now, the main solution for charging our phones is a battery, much like the solar batteries we have for solar panels in times of need. Having excess energy is always a necessity. If we already have this solution, why are we seeking out new ones? One of the main fashion reasons is that these batteries are bulky and people don’t enjoy carrying them around. Instead of having a brick to take with them, they’d much rather have a nice jacket that they could sport and look fashionable. Another reason is that these batteries need to be charged at night. This is yet more energy being used up. With the jacket, you don’t have to worry about charging it and can just get up and go. The jacket is the obvious solution for keeping people from having yet another thing to carry and charge while also having the added luxury of being able to brag about their cool clothing. Turns out, you can be fashion forward, help save the planet, and keep your phone charged throughout the day all at the same time!

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