Solar Panel Pricing Choices

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Solar Panel Pricing Choices

When you are thinking of going solar, several factors go into deciding whether or not solar panels are right for you. Solar power isn't free, you know. Sunlight is, but the electricity that a photovoltaic (PV) system creates is not. Where you live is going to be very important to your decision. The brighter the area you live in, the more electricity a PV system can generate and the more worthwhile it would be for you to use one on your home. You'll also factor in how much you spend on electricity, which also depends on the utility rates in your area. If your prices are high, this will add to the value of having a solar panel system.

It's Time To Think About Solar Down Payment

Of course, you're going to have to shell out some money originally to install a PVC system. In 2009 installing a solar panel setup for home cost about $8 to $10 per watt [source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory]. The larger a system you demand, the more it's going to cost per watt. And keep in mind that you probably won't be able to include 100 percent of your electricity load with solar power, so you're still going to have a power bill even if some of your electricity is produced by the sun.

Now the utility companies have some part in all of this scheme.  Utility company rebates, tax incentives, and other programs may help pay the cost of a solar panel system; plus having a PV system can add thousands of dollars to your home's assessment. As technology improves, prices continue to go down, and once PV manufacturing begins to be done on a larger scale, they'll go down even more. The world is shifting to be more aware of how important it is to conserve power. As demand goes up, mass manufacturing becomes more reasonable, and prices continue to fall, so the future of photovoltaics looks encouraging.  Not only do they look encouraging, but the market also looks downright amazing, and this future will surely change toward a sustainable energy grid in the next 100 years.  

It's Time To Think About Batteries Too

Battery this, battery that, what is so dang important about learning about batteries when it comes to solar panels? Also, with batteries with solar panels, the future for lower costs goes further. The power-storage solution solves a nagging issue with many renewable energy sources: variability of output. The sun sets, and the wind doesn’t perpetually blow. Created power usually flows right into the grid, but when you most need it, customers have to draw down from some upstream power plant that burns coal or natural gas.

You want affordability, we know it, you know it, let's figure out how.  Affordable, more convenient, high-capacity batteries allow renewable power to go totally off-grid. This development is radical adequately that it could eventually disrupt utilities in both the US and Europe, states an energy expert. “In the US, Hawaii and California represent the greatest opportunity for going off-grid due to their significantly higher electricity rates and strong solar conditions,” he says.  Listen to the experts, they have a lot of knowledge to offer us all on the path toward owning your own solar panels.  

Now that we know some more insightful information about solar panels, let's apply that knowledge toward making your purchase.  Here at HahaSmart we can offer the lowest prices available on solar panel installations due to contacting each of our customers with local installers and then additionally adding the lowest possible prices to the solar panels themselves.  

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