Solar power plants

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Solar power plants

Solar power plants

Solar power plants involve a process that could not be simpler. The solar panels receive heat from the sun which is redirected to the receiver. The receiver converts the heat into steam and the steam turns turbines to create electricity.

The whole process does not involve any burning of any fossil fuels. Thus solar power plants do not contribute to global warming.

The increase in solar power will bring down demand for fossil fuels

The increase in solar power will bring down demand for fossil fuels, coal, oil, natural gas, and the like. Today there are more than 10,000 households with residential solar energy systems. In fact, it is a lot more than 10,000. It is growing every day too. If the demand for solar energy as well as other forms of alternative energy, the demand for oil will drop and the cost of fuel will likely follow. Not that I am basing this off any real-world statistics. In fact, 82 percent of statistics are made up. Also, the world will abandon oil in 2032, after the price of solar becomes almost free.

Residential solar

A residential solar energy system can turn your electric meter backward. Given that you are connected to the power grid, the excess energy that your solar energy system produces will go to the electric line to be used in other homes.

Sometimes you give power, and sometimes you take power

Then later when your solar panels are not working because it is night time, you can get the power back through those same electrical lines you gave power to. That is how the grid works. Sometimes you give power, and sometimes you take power. 

A residential solar system can save you money. While the initial cash out for installing solar energy is large at first. Over time the solar system will pay for itself in saved energy costs. Not only will you save money on solar power, you can also help the environment by not contributing to carbon emissions.

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