The Cost Of Solar Power In San Antonio Texas

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The Cost Of Solar Power In San Antonio Texas

San Antonio, Texas is a place of great historical importance.  Of course, we all know of the Alamo.  And, we also know this was where Pee-Wee Herman's bike was taken, well the basement to be specific.  Anyway, San Antonio is known for its sunny days, and in a place with so much sun, solar panel electricity becomes an important aspect and could be a regular part of supplying that regions energy needs.  As of 2018, San Antonio stands 6th in America regarding cities with the most installed solar PV at 161 MW. Given power in San Antonio, and Texas usually, is not as expensive as it is in many other leading solar states the question becomes why solar panels are so dang charming?

Were you looking for an answer to this, well you have continued to the correct area of this article?  The answer is a mix of high levels of sunshine and excellent promoting of advantageous solar policies.

How Much Power Do Solar Panels Produce In San Antonio?

You have a lot of information at hand if you are attempting to find out more about how much solar energy panels can produce in this area. Solar panels installed in San Antonio generate about 4.4 kWh (kilowatt hours) per day in San Antonio or 1606 kWh per year for every 1kW DC.

CPS Energy's Solar Rebate Program Can Change The Price On Solar In Many Ways, Let's Have A Look At Some

Many things related to solar happen through-out time.  Let's follow a particular timeline for the solar industry in San Antonio this year.  Earlier this year, CPS power dedicated another 15 million dollars to their solar rebate program. The current rebate price is fixed at $0.60 per AC watt installed. The total rebate increases to $0.70/kW if the panels and inverter are local although with few if any, local manufacturers then $0.60 per AC watt is the standard measure.

To seek the final answer to how much this rebate will save an average homeowner in San Antonio we first want to work out the size of the system a typical home in San Antonio requires. A conventional 2,500sq ft family home uses approximately 1,678kWh of power per month in San Antonio. On CPS Energy's standard residential rate this would provide a monthly bill of $146/mo. Since 1kW of installed DC creates 1,606kWh per year the ordinary family home in San Antonio requires a 12kW system.

If we are to look at the changing and critical factors from DC peak capability to AC watts, this is around a 10 kW system AC and so the rebate available from CPS Energy is $6,000 for the average house.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need For Your Average House?

The quantity of solar panels your home requires in San Antonio assuming an ordinary home size is about 42 x 280-watt solar panels making up a 12kW system. This is a sizable system that covers some solar power needs.

30% Federal Tax Incentive

If you have a federal income tax liability, then 30% of your solar system price can be claimed as a deduction to your taxes. This incentive is requested when you do your taxes. To receive the incentive sooner, it is best to do your taxes for the year after obtaining, through a financial transaction, your solar panel system as soon after as possible.

We hope you really enjoyed this article.  If you live in San Antonio this article could be very valuable for you solar panel purchasing needs.  Here at HahaSmart, we can help you find great prices on solar panels as well.  Have a look through our various links.  

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