Information On Solar Panel Installation Mounting Options

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Information On Solar Panel Installation Mounting Options

To fasten something to something else, you might need to use ancillary materials.  Let's say, for example, you are trying to mount a picture on a concrete wall.  This act of fastening might take a specialized drill bit or even some kind of glue based product to attach it to the wall.  In the case of solar panels, utilizing mounts are very important.  Solar panel mounts are probably the most typical component to be purchased with each solar panel you might buy.  There have been many improvements made over the course of time when speaking of solar panel mounting technology.  Let's examine some innovations that may help your solar panel mounts improve the quality of your solar panel system, and help you to save money on your energy bill from now into the future. And, your future is guaranteed to be an energy bill game changer if you are planning to buy solar panels today.

In the case of solar panel mounts, they are specifically created to attach your solar panels to surfaces either on or off of your home.  There are many racking systems you can choose from, and one of the main considerations you will make has to do with the intended placement area for your panels.  Some people have a home or business that has a pre-existing roof construction that is ideal for solar panel attachment.  Some, however, do not, and then a ground-based solar panel system must be considered.  

Overall, the purpose of a mounting system is to position a solar panel in the right location so that it can be exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight. This is usually at a 30-degree angle and should face south or southwest. Solar panel mounts can be completely customized to facilitate the effective positioning of the attached solar panel array to meet these parameters.

When looking at residential solar panel systems, the roof type of the house will have a big influence on the mounting system and solar design in general. The more you customize the system, the more expensive it will be, however, so let’s take a look at some of the more familiar solar panel mounts.

Types of Solar Panel Mounts

Roof-Penetrating Rack

This type of solar panel mount is merely a rack that is drilled into a roof with supplementary screw holes or other attachment tools on top of its surface so that the solar panels can be easily fastened to them.

Solar Mounting System for Tile Roof

Non-drilled Mounting Solutions

For tile rooftops, you can add a unique rack or maybe replace a small portion of the existing tiles with metal shingles. The metal tiles are designed so that the solar panel array can be quickly secured through clamps, screws, etc. Metal roofing is one of the most traditional roof types for solar because they facilitate the easiest mounting method, which leads to lower costs. The system that these rooftops use is called a standing seam mounting system. Metal roofs with seams that project from the rooftop provide a secure platform to attach these mounts.

On-Ground Solar Panel Systems

The variety of mounts used for rooftop solar panels are usually considerably different than the ones used on a ground-level system. In both cases, however, you should always ensure that the panels are exposed to as much daylight as possible. For those with unsuitable rooftops, having a ground-level system could be a low-cost and more productive solution.

Solar panel arrays installed at the surface level will have much more versatility in how they can be placed and integrated. A notable benefit of having a ground-level solar panel array is that you can install a dynamic mounting system that will accommodate its angle to maximize its exposure to the sun. You can also use racks and other components to create a fully customized array with any generation capacity that you can offer.

If you are ready to install a solar product, we can probably help.  

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