Innovations in solar technology

Millie HennickAugust 23, 20183970

Innovations in solar technology

This summer we have seen further dramatic proof that global warming is here now. People around the globe are suffering the damaging effects of global warming making it crucial for us to come up with sustainable solutions that seriously cut our carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions. Harnessing renewable sources of energy, such as sunlight, water, and wind can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, generating energy that is free from harmful emissions. This energy source offers ten-thousand times the power required by people worldwide. Because of its potential for replacing fossil fuels and promoting a green future, solar energy is coming into the mainstream. Technological advances are helping empower people to gather the sun’s energy in a cost-effective manner with solar panels. 

Solar windows

Solar windows are made of solar panels that attract energy from the sun, converting it into electricity. These panels retrofit all kinds of windows, allowing building owners to attain partial independence from the power grid. Over 50 percent of the electricity consumed globally comes from burning fossil fuels, causing  99 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. The installation of solar windows can significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, helping to ensure a sustainable future for all. Some have used organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology to develop electricity-generating see-through windows, converting commercial buildings and skyscrapers into vertical power generators. 

Solar fashion

Really? Solar clothing? You must be kidding! The concept of solar-reliant attire has been in development for over ten years, with famous fashion labels wanting to lure shoppers with innovative apparel and fashion accessories that can charge mobile phones and wearable devices. Researchers are trying to embed flexible solar panels into the fabric, enabling every person to harness renewable solar energy. Pauline van Dongen, a well-known Dutch fashion designer, has created an entire collection of shirts, parkas, and high-end fashion wear that can produce up to one watt of electricity – enough to charge phones, MP3 players, and other smaller gadgets for a few hours. Several other firms are introducing solar-powered sunglasses, jewelry, watches, and backpacks to revolutionize the fashion industry while moving towards a cleaner future.

Solar power harvesting trees

Solar power harvesting trees tap the infinite energy of the sun, offering an innovative way to generate non-polluting energy. Scientists at the VTT Technical Center of Finland have developed prototype plants that harvest solar energy and store it to power devices – particularly mobile phones, laptop computers, LED street lights, and electric vehicles.

You can do your part by investigating how solar can be applied in your life

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