Can we win the fight against global warming?

Millie HennickAugust 21, 20188240

Can we win the fight against global warming?

Is there any doubt remaining that the earth’s climate is warming? This summer we’ve had more indications of climate upheaval than ever before. Record heat in Japan is killing hundreds in temperatures higher than any since Japan began keeping meteorological records. Record wildfires in California are only one of the dramatic examples of climate-related changes that are dominating the news this summer. Climate change is a fact of life. We need to adapt as quickly as possible or suffer severe consequences. Americans tend to be very complacent about these matters, so the time has come to publicize the scientific data that proves that the earth is warming at a startling rate. When a problem is so massive in scale, it’s hard to believe that the actions of one person can make any real difference. But even small acts can have significant results. Since so many things affect our climate, you might be surprised at all the ways you can make a difference.

Reduce your carbon footprint with renewable energy

When you offset your carbon footprint you help to slow global heating and restore critical wildlife habitat. There are many simple ways to reduce our energy use.. When driving, if we accelerate and brake gradually, this saves gas as well as wear on the vehicle. Simply turning off unused gadgets and appliances can make a big difference. But obviously, if homeowners and business owners can afford solar, that’s the best way to reduce your carbon footprint.

When possible, purchase “green” energy

There are several ways to introduce “green” energy into homes and businesses. Choosing renewable energy options when available makes a long-term difference. Voluntary buy-in to EPA-certified green power has increased with 41% annual growth rates since 2004, and 25 percent of power companies now offer the green power upgrade option. If you haven't joined yet, it's a great way to make your home's power renewable.

When buying a new car, purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle

Hybrid vehicles have been a huge hit in America ever since their introduction. Consequently, Americans are choosing greener vehicles. The average fuel efficiency of cars on the road in the U.S. has gone up gradually for the past ten years. Electric vehicles are much more common today and many car companies are producing several different types of electric vehicles. It’s no longer a situation where the “Prius” is the only option. Car companies are producing electric Sports Utility Vehicles, sports cars and more.

Switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet

This suggestion will be met with great resistance by a majority of any country’s populace. But the facts are real. 33 percent of all food emissions in the United States come from red meat and dairy products, while chicken and vegetables have up to ten times smaller carbon footprints per serving. This shows that even little changes to diet can make a long-term difference.

We all need to be more mindful of our energy consumption

Every choice we make impacts the environment in some way and increases the chances that global warming effects will impact us in a negative way. By making small improvements in our own actions, we can make a difference and also provide a good example for others.

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