Can the planet overcome climate change?

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Can the planet overcome climate change?

The nightly news is rather bleak. Reports of unprecedented wildfires in California, multiple deaths from heat waves in Japan, and record high temperatures in Canada and Europe, are just the tip of the iceberg. With such high stakes, it’s not surprising that global warming tends to inspire a sense of fear. Many respected scientists and researchers report that we have just a few years to start fighting global warming if we want to avoid the worst effects which include drought, flooding, fires and much more. We emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide when we burn fossil fuels like coal and gas  When those emissions enter the atmosphere, they trap the sun’s heat, warming the earth. The increased heat can become dangerous by melting the polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and creating volatile weather patterns. We’ve been warming the planet this way since the early days of the industrial revolution, so we can’t completely avoid the effects of climate change. But by lowering our carbon footprint now, we can avoid the worst effects.

How do I reduce my carbon footprint?

Experts generally agree that four actions are most critical to a cleaner planet:  having fewer children; living without a car; avoiding transatlantic flights; and eating a plant-based diet.
For example, If you eat a hamburger, you add the emissions associated with raising cattle and growing other ingredients. There are emissions that result from the production, transportation, and storage of patties, buns and more. Emissions created by rotting food and packaging waste add to your personal carbon footprint. The cumulative effect can be significant.

Other ways to live greener

Efficiency is another key to slowing global warming. There are some easy steps we can all take to help the environment. Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a mantra of some environmentalists and those things help. Why not be more efficient drivers too? If we cut down on fast accelerations and hard braking situations when driving, this will help save gas and consolidating errands helps as well. Turning off gadgets when not in use also makes a significant difference.

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