Prefabed Smart Home is The Way to Go For The Future

Trey SandstormAugust 15, 2018 836 0

When is this applicable?
Have you ever thought about creating a home that will enable you to be completely energy independent and free?

Solar will require some sacrifice
Many things allow us to move forward with our lives and create a much better deal for everyone involved. Installing home systems can be a bit of a sacrifice especially when you need to change a lot of things in your home and in your life in general. But some things are just for the greater good of everyone involved.

Moving forward into solar
In this article we will tell you about the amazing benefits of home solar and how despite all the good things about it, it is not always the best way. Keeping this in mind, there will always be something holding us back when it comes to bigger and better things. We just need to move forward.

Sustainability is the best path
Home building is a lot better for sustainability. Sustainability in terms of simply having more renewable energy options and renewable energy works. In the future, California will require solar panels on every newly built house by 2020. This mandate was passed in order to accelerate solar energy adoption in one of the biggest states in the United States of America.

Solar right now is the cheaper form of renewable energy. Making it even better, you can even sell the power back to the grid if your state allows NEM. NEM stands for Net energy Metering and it basically make solar power not only practical but also a great way to make money. The number of installations doubled from 2015 to 2016 and is projected to reach 2 million installed homes by 2018.

Options keep getting better
Transitioning from the standard solar panels that are installed on the roof, future-oriented companies such as Tesla are introducing sleeker and aesthetically-augmented panels along with their renowned “solar roof” shingles, which are roof tiles turned into solar cells.

Most of the time, you want homes like this; we want a solar home that is pretty much pre-integrated into the existing design of the house. No more having to install it separately and go through the process of having to rearrange the format of your house’s electrical set up.

In this set-up we are talking about, Austin-based solar company Lighthouse Solar, processes energy to supply about 60% of their overall energy expenditure while any unused energy is then onboarded unto a battery storage system for later use.

Keeping your home optimized for less energy
The less energy is used, the less energy will be needed to be revamped from our usage whereas technologies like real-time monitoring can certainly help us understand how to be more mindful of how we use electricity. According to a few expert simply automating certain house tasks like the AC adjustments can lead to dramatic decrease in energy home usage.

Switching to an energy-aware home set up is not an easy task and truly it will require sacrifices in terms of money and in terms of short-term convenience. However, this is all for the hopes that in the future we will all benefit from all the amazing clean renewable energy provided not just to use but the entire community.



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