Fossil fuels and renewable energy

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Fossil fuels and renewable energy

The damage that fossil fuels are causing the earth is profound and lasting. Climate scientists have been warning of deadly climate-related weather and their predictions are already coming true. Catastrophic drought and wildfires are terrorizing several parts of California. Japan is reporting the highest temperatures since the country began compiling weather records. Canada, Europe, and Africa are also reporting climate-related problems. But how does the weather in other countries affect me? Global warming’s effects are being felt in every corner of the globe. In order to become more responsive on a personal level, many people are taking advantage of low solar panel prices and investing in their future. But sparing the environment is only one of many reasons to install a solar energy system. If you are trying to increase your home value or want to use only “clean energy”, try solar.

A study shows home value increases with solar

A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in January 2015, found that home values increase by four dollars for every watt of solar installed.Another report by the National Renewal Energy Laboratory concluded that solar homes sell 20% faster and for 17% more than similar non-solar homes. One developer reported that homes sold within a year of being put on the market, two years faster than planned. Houses also sold for as much as $600,000 when originally priced $379-499K. This makes sense since solar provides the ability to generate your own power and depending on your system, you could even sell electricity back to the grid.

Survey of home buyers shows the importance of solar

Based on a survey of home buyers:
91% view energy efficiency as an important factor when considering the purchase of a new home and 70% view the monthly electric bill as an important factor. In addition, 81% see solar as a way to save on monthly living costs. There is an initial expenditure for installation of the system, but this is quickly offset.

Solar homes are simply more valuable

As the cost of electricity increases, the demand for a lower cost option is viewed as more valuable. Who wouldn’t want to generate their own power? On average, utilities have increased about six percent per year for the last 32 years. By installing solar, homeowners can lock in lower rates and even get paid production incentives at up to five times more than retail rate until 2020. These savings are passed onto the new home buyer.

Great Warranties

Home buyers get the benefit of buying a home that produces its own power, but they also get incentives and warranties that transfer to the new owner. Depending on the manufacturer, panels can have up to a 25-year warranty. Equipment warranties can be transferred to new owners.

Solar power is here to stay, and the sooner you explore how much you can save, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of residential solar power. Go to and try our price checker tool. It tells you how much solar power you need, and how much you can save.

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