Comparing Solar Leases With Solar Panel Outright Purchases

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Comparing Solar Leases With Solar Panel Outright Purchases

There are many solar energy companies you can potentially work with.  Let me start by saying that when you are in the market to buy solar panels, here at HahaSmart, we can offer you the very lowest price on solar panels in the United States.  We do a direct connection to manufacturing and local solar panel installation to customer connections, and by putting all these pieces in motion, we can ultimately save you more money than any competitor.  Now, if you are looking for a lease deal, let's consider some of the pros and cons through comparison between two of the largest solar leasing companies in the industry and how they work about other top companies in the United States. The questions below cover the numerous aspects of a solar leasing company’s arrangement and operations.

Solar Business Models

All of the solar lease providers listed make their capital by financing a solar system for your house and then selling you the solar electricity from the panels. In all most all cases, the companies guarantee that you will save money on your energy bills in the first year – a win-win condition.

Primary Solar Products

All of these businesses have a distinct background, but the majority of them were founded with financing in purpose from the outset. The rest of them sprang up as equipment manufacturers or installation businesses.

Directly Sell Solar Leases

Some of the larger companies – such as SolarCity – advance a lot in marketing and selling solar leases to customers, while others move those activities to solar installers in their network.

Own Installers or Contract Local Solar Installers? 

Approximately 50% of the companies listed do not engage in the installations themselves. These organizations are therefore not ‘solar companies’ in the sense that they will come and put a system on your roof. Instead, they could be thought of as businesses marketing a solar financing product.

How Do They Raise Funds? 

A solar panel system installed for zero-down might be a way to conserve your money. For the business that funds that system, it is a long-term investment. With solar photovoltaic (PV) equipment costs coming down across the earth and PV technology having proved itself trustworthy, big banks and securities companies have begun to get back the financing of PV systems. Wall Street presents funding to most of the solar leasing firms.

Self-Manufacture Of Solar Panels? 

Alone one business manufactures their solar panels – that is SunPower, who started as a panel producer but more recently started giving solar leases to fund the installation of systems that utilize SunPower solar panels.

Where In The US?

All of the businesses offer solar leases in California, and nearly all of them provide them in a few other states, including, Massachusetts, Arizona, and even Hawaii. In any event, a sharp look reveals that there are choices between solar lease providers in many of the big solar states.

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